Bill Cosby resigns from Temple University Board

December 8, 2014

Bill Cosby has decided to end his relationship with Temple University. This marks another domino effect from his scandal that has completely decimated his image as a family man, television star, and popular comedian.

Bill Cosby

Bill Cosby

Cosby held his position on Temple’s board of trustees for roughly 32 years. The Philadelphia Inquirer was the first to break the story.

To say that Cosby is ruined is an understatement.

Decades ago, there were rumors flying around that he had been directly involved in sexual misconduct, and now, the rumors seem to have held their ground, as 15 women have come out from hiding and publicly accused the comedian. Many of them say that they were drugged before Cosby raped them.

The board of trustees had been under pressure from alumni and other members of the Temple community to ultimately cut ties with Cosby. There was even a petition demanding the university end its relationship with Cosby. It reached more than 1,000 signatures recently.

The implications of this are worth noting. The mere fact that people are now voicing their distaste for the comedian is reassuring to say the least. Generally, males are “forgiven” for these atrocious acts, while females are always held under closer scrutiny. Have we all forgotten about John Lennon’s support for misogynistic acts and Mike Tyson’s acts of domestic violence? It seems we have.

If we are pulling for gender equality, then we really need to stand up for our rights as individuals of the free world. Whether you’re a famous comedian or adored public icon, the punishment should not be altered. Everyone is equal.

The truth is, Cosby is receiving fair and just punishment, one that is deserved and long overdue. To be frank, he should be serving jail time and be held under trial for his acts. The only breath of fresh air is that these women were brave enough to finally publically express their tormented experiences. It has definitely saved the lives of women who would have been potential victims to monsters such as Cosby.


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