BigBang’s documentary tells candid story of decade-old group

June 29, 2016

SEOUL, June 29 (Yonhap) — South Korean boy band BigBang released a candid behind-the-scenes documentary film, revealing the personal insights of the five idol group members who have worked together for a decade.

“If every life is born for a reason, I think the five of us were born for BigBang,” says T.O.P, the rapper of the K-pop act, in “MADE,” which premiered on Tuesday in eastern Seoul.


Set to launch in local theaters on Thursday, the film covers the vivid story of each member’s life off the stage from April 2015 through March of this year. The film covers the group’s 12-month World Tour which hit up 32 cities in 13 countries around the world.

The movie aims to reveal the true, undisguised features of BigBang, according to the group’s management agency, YG Entertainment.

Raw and fresh to the audience, the documentary shows BigBang members poking fun at each other, lying passed out after a concert, and carrying out picky inspections of performance facilities.


“MADE” touches on some of the most sensitive parts of BigBang, such as the pressure the members feel about compulsory military duty.

With T.O.P to be the first BigBang member to leave for military service next year, the idol singers admit that the group will not be able to rock the stage as full quintet in the future.

“We want to become like the Rolling Stones and keep performing after we turn 50 or 60,” says G-Dragon in the film.

Taeyang puts much emphasis on the group’s name, BigBang, wishing that they can be new and fresh in every way.

“MADE” is being shown in two formats: the two-dimensional version and the new “Screen X” version which is shown on a multi-wall screen. The Screen X system was exclusively developed by South Korean cinema chain CGV and the Korea Advanced Institute of Science and Technology. It was optimized for concert and performance-intensive films.