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August 29, 2016
Viola Shin Crescenta Valley High Schooᅵ 11th Grade

Viola Shin
Crescenta Valley High Schooᅵ 11th Grade

Running. A word that directly translates into“ mind numbing pain” to most people and is, therefore, generally hated. However, there is that strange, small part of the population that actually enjoys running and has actually been able to pick it up as a hobby.

‘…people.’ You may think, but before immediately dismissing me, please do consider the benefits this exercise has to offer.

Firstly, running promotes weight loss and is, arguably, the single best exercise as the overwhelming number of positive recommendations suggest. If one wants to burn some of fat off of the“ trouble zones” for fat (the stomach, inner thighs, neck, under arms, etc…), nearly every website worth trusting promotes similar workouts and running is always there at the very top.

In addition, whilst running, people may either use this peaceful time to slow down their brain or speed it up. It doesn’t matter which category you may belong to because both are equally invaluable as it gives the brain time to calm down and reorganize its“ junk drawer”. It has also been scientifically been proven that running stimulates the brain to release certain“ happy” chemicals, one of which includes dopamine. In fact, running is even recommended as one of the top sports to try during mentally traumatic periods.

Of course, running is going to cause fatigue and exhaustion but those feelings are quickly dissipated by the overwhelming rush of satisfaction that comes with the exercise. As if these reasons aren’ t already enough, there is always the possible monetary compensation to you for spending your time on running. Running marathons are nearly everywhere. If you have a cause you would like to support, there is most definitely a marathon to raise money for it.

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Even if ranking first, second or even third isn’ t important enough to be a great enough incentive, there can always be that included positive thought reminding you that you are supporting something of significant value to you, personal or not.

By this point, you must have a different point of view on running. The great thing about it is the extreme time flexibility. If after reading this article and you feel the inspiration flooding your veins, you can quite literally start at anytime. Time and location are usually insignificant (although you should certainly take in any safety concerns you may need to address) and the only piece of “equipment” one needs is a pair of good running shoes.

While keeping in mind the immense gains acquired from the exercise, remember that running is the celebrated sport it is for precisely these exceptional reasons.

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