[HOT LINKS] Asia Abuzz Over Chinese Actress Tang Wei’s Engagement to South Korean Director

July 3, 2014


A scene from “Lust, Catuon.” (AP)

[The Hollywood Reporter]  SEOUL — Asia’s social media has been abuzz with various responses to Chinese superstar Tang Wei’s engagement to the older and relatively lesser known South Korean filmmaker Kim Tae-yong.

The two are set to be wed in a private ceremony this coming autumn. When the two met on the set of the award-winning Korean melodrama Late Autumn five years ago, the renowned star of Lust, Caution was caught up in (false) dating rumors with her regionally popular co-star Hyun Bin – not the divorced filmmaker 10 years her senior.

One Chinese online commentator said “I don’t understand why Tang Wei is marrying this ugly director instead of Hyun Bin,” while others across Asia expressed bemused surprise over what many are calling “a real-life Notting Hill romance” — inspired by the rom-com about a world famous actress falling in love with the guy next door.  [READ MORE]