An Artificial Intelligence ERA

April 11, 2017

Joyce Choi Thomas Starr King Middle School 7th Gra

Nowadays, many people are using many Artificial Intelligence (AI) products such as Google Translate, Alexa, SIRI, Cortana, and etc. We are living in an era where technology becomes superior and more surpassing. Many developers use AI to enhance their programs or create them. Nonetheless, AI improves the technology we use everyday to make it even more resourceful and useful. Some companies claim some gadgets are “AI”, but a true AI product is one that can work or behave on its own.

What is AI? AI stands for Artificial Intelligence. It means the process in which human intelligence is performed by machines. It possesses human knowledge, such as learning, reasoning, and self-correction. For learning, it means that learning the information and knowing how to use that information. For reasoning, it means to use the rules of the information to create definite conclusions. Self-correction is when it makes an error and fixes it on its own.

Google Translate has also been remodeled remarkably as well. It can now translate books, poems, articles, etc. Google has made Google Translate switch to Google Neural Machine Translation, which is basically having the translation quality upgraded as it feeds on millions of examples of multiple languages. This has a brand new method to have more flow between translating one language to another. Google has explained that they hope their products or programs will enhance and upgrade more over time.

Alexa, Siri, Cortana, and more are also examples of AI creations. They boast having the fundamentals to make our everyday lives better and to entertain ourselves. They are both voice-powered personal assistants. They show off suggestive searches and helpful ideas that help us all. Google Home is a noticeable product as well, similar to Alexa. It is voice-monitored and can control electronics.

AI products help us in our day-to-day routines. It is continually being refined and growing. Many businesses are succeeding by making or improving AI products as well. Sometimes, the term “AI” is misused by society, but the important thing is to be careful with it. Nevertheless, AI is a huge modern engineering feat in our society today and will continue to grow even bigger and be in higher quality than ever before.


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