Ailee nude pictures leaked online

November 12, 2013


YMC says it will prepare legal action against the person who leaked Ailee's nude photos. (Korea Times file)

YMC says it will prepare legal action against the person who leaked Ailee’s nude photos. (Korea Times file)

The Internet was rocked Monday after topless photos of Korean American singer Ailee were leaked.

Ailee’s Korean agency, YMC Entertainment, issued an official statement later in the day to admit that the woman in the photo is indeed Aliee, and offered an explanation to defuse the situation. The 24-year old singer took the photos when she was living in the United States, believing that she was auditioning to be a model for a well known American lingerie company, YMC said. She was told nude photos were necessary to better examine her body, and she apparently fell for it.

After learning she was the victim of a scam, Ailee claims to have reported the incident to the police and consulted her then-boyfriend, who insisted he needed to see the photos to offer her ”accurate’’ advice.

Then, the story took an even more interesting turn, as that “then-boyfriend” turned out to be Daniel ‘Eun Duk’ Lee, who happens to be the Vice President of the New York based website All K-Pop, which first broke the story about the leaked photos.

Another website report added to the suspicion, as Dispatch released the details of a phone conversation it had in July with a man who claimed to be Ailee’s ex-boyfriend. He said he had nude photos of a pre-debut Ailee and wondered whether Dispatch was interested in paying for them. Dispatch turned down the offer and the man claimed he was capable of selling the photos to a different media outlet, the article said.

YMC says it will prepare legal action against the person who leaked the photos.

All K-Pop denied the accusations first raised by YMC Entertainment, and claimed it was also contacted by an individual who wanted to sell his set of ”Ailee Nude Scandal Pictures’’ for $3,500 in cash. ”At this time, we stated that we were not interested, and this person said he would contact another agency,’’ All K-Pop said in a statement.

Then, it went on to add “For full disclosure, our employee, Daniel Lee did date Ailee in the past. However, he did not post the photos in question. Not knowing who the true culprit was, YMC turned the blame to the easiest target.’’

All K-Pop did write in its article that “an anonymous website and forums has uploaded several photos potentially depicting K-Pop star Ailee in revealing attire,’’ as they claimed to have simply reported on that fact.