Ahn Jung-hwan hit with lawsuit involving his mother’s debt

November 14, 2015
Ahn Jung-hwan

Ahn Jung-hwan

Former South Korean soccer hero-turned-commentator Ahn Jung-hwan, 39, has been hit with a lawsuit for a debt left unpaid for years by his mother.

The dispute is over 90 million won, or about $76,800, borrowed by Ahn’s mother, B, from an unidentified A from 1996 to 1998, the Seoul Northern District Court said Friday.

B promised A she would pay the debt back by March 2000 with an additional 30 million won ($25,600) interest.

In September of 2001, A won a lawsuit against B for the unpaid money, but by 2008 had still only received 10 million won, about $8,500.

A tracked down Ahn, who was playing for Busan IPark in the K-League, and requested that he pay back his mother’s debt instead.

Ahn reportedly wrote A a memo agreeing to take on his mother’s debt if A agreed to certain terms.

The 13th civil division of the court received evidence filed by A Friay during a pleading. Ahn did not show.

A has requested that Ahn’s uncle, who was present when Ahn wrote the memo, testify as a witness in the case.