Actress/boxer Lee Si-young denies suicide attempt, sex video rumors

July 1, 2015
Lee Si-young (Instagram photo)

Lee Si-young (Instagram photo)

By The Korea Times Seoul staff

Actress Lee Si-young’s management company denied rumors about the existence of her sex video and suicide attempt.

J. Wide-Company, which manages Lee, 33, said the rumor is untrue and they will take legal steps in punishing whoever started the rumor. The company said they were “dumbfounded” by the rumor and called her to confirm that she didn’t film such video, according to media reports on Tuesday.

“If there was a problem between us and Lee, how could she keep showing herself up on TV screens these days?” the company’s CEO, Jeong Deok-gyun was quoted by a report as saying.

The rumor, which surfaced online Tuesday, said the company abused its authority to make her film a sex video and as a result

Lee currently plays a role in TV series “My Beautiful Bride” on OCN.