Actor Song Joong-ki denies dating actress Song Hye-kyo

June 19, 2017

Actor Song Joong-ki on Monday denied rumors that he was in a romantic relationship with actress Song Hye-gyo, co-star of the 2016 hit drama “Descendants of the Sun,” amid reports that the two vacationed together in Indonesia.

“Song Joong-ki went on vacation to Bali with his friends before starting promotional activities for his movie ‘Battleship Island,’” Blossom Entertainment said.

Song Hye-gyo’s agency UAA acknowledged the actress recently visited Bali but denied that the two met.

“It is true she went to Bali but it was for a project meeting. We confirmed that she did not meet with Song Joong-ki,” the company explained.

The two stars played a soldier-doctor couple in the hit 2016 KBS 2TV series set in the fictional war-torn country called Uruk. Rumors of the two dating first surfaced last year when an anonymous Internet user claimed to have spotted them shopping and dining together in New York.

A file photo of South Korean actor Song Joong-ki (L) and actress Song Hye-gyo (Yonhap)A file photo of South Korean actor Song Joong-ki (L) and actress Song Hye-gyo (Yonhap)


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