ABC’s ‘The Fosters’ to feature a Korean family

July 18, 2014
Actor Peter Kim.

Actor Peter Kim.

Peter Kim, the oldest working Korean American actor at age 78, will make a special appearance in the second season of ABC’s “The Fosters.”

Kim, whose Korean name is Kim Gwang-tae, is set to appear on the second episode of the series, which will air on July 21.

“The Fosters” centers around an interracial American family consisting of adopted and foster children. The second episode will feature a Korean family speaking Korean dialogue.

Kim will play the role of a father in his 70s alongside Korean actors Marcus Choi and Alexis Rhee. He said he was chosen for the role in April through an open audition by CBS Studio.

“The original script was in English, so I translated it to Korean myself in order to do the audition,” Kim said. “To see an old couple bickering in Korean on a an American primetime TV drama will be an unusual scene.”

Kim previously appeared in a TV ad for the BMW 3 Series, during which he played the comic role of a Korean father to an American son-in-law.