2016 Rio Olympic Games

August 22, 2016
Sarah Lee La Canada High School 11th Grade

Sarah Lee
La Canada High School 11th Grade

Let the games begin! The 2016 Rio Olympic Games have arrived. The world has been patiently waiting to be awed by the astonishing talents of the athletes. After four years of hard training, athletes are more than ready to compete with each other, each carrying the name of their country. However, there are matters other than just the sports that are also highly anticipated. Every year, before the Olympics even begin, the uniforms are always a hot topic amongst the people. Each country boasts their different cultures and pride through their uniforms. Although it might not seem so, the uniforms have always been an important aspect of the Olympics; whatever is depicted on the uniform represents the country for the whole event.

For last 2012 London Olympics, Times Magazine classified the United States of America, Australia, Russia, China, Spain, and Hong Kong as the teams with the worst uniforms. On the contrary, it said that France, South Korea, Jamaica, New Zealand, Italy, Germany, and the United Kingdom were the teams with the best uniforms. Top designers like Giorgio Armani, Salvatore Ferragamo, Stella McCartney, and Prada crafted some of the uniforms for the teams. Many people had a lot to say about that year’ s uniforms. Although Times Magazines said that it had one of the best ones, Britain’ s uniforms, designed by Stella McCartney, has “received a pretty underwhelming reception” according to one fashion community, The Fashion Spot. They also noted that Armani’ s designs, when presented for team Italy, lacked bright colors. Nonetheless, the uniforms that got the most critique were the United States uniforms made by Ralph Lauren.

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They were highly disapproved by the public eyes for being produced in China. They were appreciated even less for the French qualities of the outfit like the beret and neck scarves. Unlike the 2012 uniforms, America’ s uniforms this year were made in the states and represent the classic Ralph Lauren preppy style. The players would be donning simple yet sporty uniforms of America’ s colors -red, white, and blue. Social media was raving about these new uniforms; some people were impressed by the improvement it made from the last Olympics’ uniforms but many people were heated by the design of them. Even though the red, white, and blue stripes were supposed to render the traditional elements of America, it only resembled the Russian flag in the eyes of the citizens. One person tweeted saying that the uniforms must have been “another Russian hacking job” .

Overall, there has always been low favorability towards the uniforms and the designers. They are always flawed in some ways. But can they ever be perfect? These designers have the pressure of fully displaying a nation to the whole world on just a few pieces of cloth. On top of that, they also need to be mindful of the everlasting regulations set by the International Olympic Committee. Though not noticing that the American uniforms looked like the Russian flag might have been a major mistake.


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