1,000 Words’ Worth

November 23, 2013


A Hanwha Aquarium staffer bathes penguins at 63 Sea World in Yeouido, Seoul, Friday. The aquarium said that it has begun preparations for colder weather. (Yonhap)

 ◀ Dry clean only?

These birds are getting their penguin suits washed by a Hanwha Aquarium staffer at 63 Sea World in Yeouido, Seoul, on Friday. The aquarium said that it has begun its annual preparations for colder weather. (Yonhap)








photo 3Hang-dry only!  ▶

A farmer checks persimmons hung up to dry in Gangneung, Gangwon Province. Dried persimmons will go on sale in late January. (Yonhap)









photo 4



◀ But is the return trip guaranteed?

The Facebook page of Koryo Tours, a Beijing-based travel agency specializing in tours to North Korea, features new uniforms (right) for female flight attendants of North Korea’s Air Koryo on Nov. 11, 2013. The new attire, compared to the previous all-red uniform (left), is dark blue and comes with a new cap design. The length of the skirt also appears to be shorter. (Yonhap)


photo2▶ “For Chinese Only”

A replica of a golden dragon is on display on Nov. 18, 2013 at Shinsegae Department Store in Seoul. The department store is offering a dragon sculpture made with nearly 400 grams of gold as a promotional prize for a Chinese customer through a lottery drawing. The winner will be chosen among shoppers from China who enter the lottery by Dec. 31. (Yonhap)