100 Korean Americans received free eye exams and treatments

April 25, 2016



The Korean-Americans who have not been able to get eye disorder treatment received the gift of miracle, thanks to the dedication of volunteer efforts

The Vision Care Service(VCS) West coast chapter, organized the ’6th Free Eye camp of love’ with Hwarang Lions, Hwarang Leo Club, Southern California Nurses Association, and Korean Consulate in Los Angeles.

One hundred Korean Americans who have not been able to get eye check-ups and treatments due to financial difficulties got the opportunity to be able to see with clearer visions.

The Free Eye Camp of Love was held at the parking lot and the first floor of Korean Consulate in Los Angeles and Doctor Cho Sung-Jin, Lisa Hwang and two other ophthalmologists provided cataract and eye disease exams.

The Nurses Association provided free blood pressure and health exams and the Leos from Hwarang Lions Club provided volunteer services at the site.

Vision Care Service will select ten patients from the initial pool of patients and provide free eye operations for those in need.

Mr. Lee Chang-Yeop, Chairman of the VCS West Coast Chapter said they have provided free eye exams and operations in South America but they decided to hold this event to give the same medical opportunities in Los Angeles as well.

Vision Care has continued the Free Eye Camp of Love since last August with the support of the Open Bank, Korean-American Bank with headquarter in LA.


<Cheol-Soo Kim — The Korea Times Staff Reporter>


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