Benefits of technology in the classroom

August 18, 2015

Due to its efficiency, technology is now incorporated into most schools’ curriculum, and some schools are even providing technology to students to aid in their education. Technology is truly beneficial for students in today’s world due to its ability to engage students in learning and give students access to a wide variety of resources and useful tools.

Christine Hwang  University High School  11th grade

Christine Hwang
University High School
11th grade

Technology is beneficial to students’ education because it engages students in learning new material more efficiently than standard methods.

From a young age, many students have adapted to the common use of technology and are more interested in activities that require electronics. This is evident as “the survey of technology in the classroom by the Public Broadcasting Service (PBS) also concluded that 77% of teachers found technology to ‘increase student motivation to learn.’”

Increasing one’s motivation to learn is key to engaging students in the material and edifying their education. Getting students engaged in the learning process also allows teachers to cover the materials quickly and allows students to learn more within a shorter time span.

Some may argue that technology can distract students in their learning environment, but if schools ensure to block sites and apps that may prevent students from learning efficiently, then distractions will be less of a problem.

Another reason as to why technology is beneficial to students is that it provides a wide variety of resources and tools. While textbooks and books can be limiting and laborious to research with, technology makes researching more efficient and effective.

According to PBS, laptops and “tablets can hold hundreds of textbooks on one device, plus homework, quizzes, and other files, eliminating the need for physical storage of books and classroom materials.” This will allow teaching and learning in and out of classrooms more efficient for students, therefore improving their education.

Technology also provides “users with the ability to highlight and edit text and write notes without ruining a textbook for the next user. It has a search function, a backlighting option to read in low light, and a built-in dictionary. Interactive diagrams and videos also increase student creativity, motivation, attentiveness, and engagement with classroom materials.”

The small but useful tools that technology provides contribute to the efficiency of one’s learning ability and education.

Students are clearly benefitting from the use of technology during modern times. Their innate preference for technology allows them to engage in learning more material while technology is also able to increase one’s learning ability and efficiency. Moreover, technology allows students to efficiently and effectively research by providing students with all the material necessary for learning and tools that will make their learning experience more productive.

Because technology is greatly beneficial for students in learning environments, the teaching methods within schools will eventually shift from traditional to technological.

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