Park Ha-sun yoga photos create buzz

June 3, 2015
(Instagram photo)

(Instagram photo)

(Instagram photo)

(Instagram photo)

Actress Park Ha-sun’s yoga photos are the buzz in South Korea early this week.

Photos posted on the 27-year-old’s Instagram webpage on Tuesdsay with one titled “healing yoga” and another one “circus yoga,” show the actress stretching her body on a mattress and doing flying yoga using a hammock in a studio room. 

Park, who debuted in 2005 with SBS TV series “Love needs miracle,” took to a temporary radio DJ role for MBC FM4U’s “Dreaming Radio” in replacement of Tablo, who travelled overseas to perform with his hip-hop band Epik High, on the last week of May. 

Park and actor Ryu Soo-young, 35, admitted that they’ve been seeing each other for five months back in March.



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