Lamborghini cigarettes introduced in S. Korea

January 25, 2016
(KT&G's Lamborghini cigarettes)

(KT&G’s Lamborghini cigarettes)

By Lee Hyo-sik

KT&G (Korea Tobacco & Ginseng Corporation)) introduced the Tonino Lamborghini L6 cigarettes.

The country’s largest cigarette maker said that to manufacture its latest product, it imported tobacco leaves from Europe and other regions and used its innovative blending method to create mild flavors, despite high tar content.

The company also used a “lip release filter” and other high-quality materials to improve the cigarette’s taste.

“The black and white color packaging of Tonino Lamborghini L6 is to make it look simple and modern,” a KT&G official said. “The Toro emblem well signifies what Tonino Lamborghini, an Italian fashion brand, represents. It breathes life into our new product.”

A pack of 20 cigarettes is priced at 4,500 won ($3.75) and each cigarette contains 6 milligrams of tar.