Dodgers deploy puppies for All-Star votes

July 1, 2014

By Kim Young-jin

(YouTube screen capture)

(YouTube screen capture)

The Los Angeles Dodgers want fans to vote their players into the 2014 All-Star game. And the club is willing to go to extreme ― and extremely cute ― measures to make it happen.

The premise for the get-out-the-vote promotion was simple: put potential All-stars Adrian Gonzalez, Dee Gordon and Yasiel Puig in the room with a bunch of adorable puppies and wait for the “aww” factor to kick in.

Ryu Hyun-jin, who has racked up a 9-4 record and 3.13 ERA, also appears in the video. However, as the All-star manager picks his pitchers, it remains to be seen if the puppies can help the lefty’s chances.

The players appeared to enjoy the promotion.

“I like dogs,” Juan Uribe said.

Adrian Gonzolez, nuzzling a puppy, said, “I got dogs your size.” Puig also has fun, holding four dogs at once.

This year’s All-star game will be in Minnesota on July 15. Voting ends Thursday.