Connecticut Korean adoptive families hold first gathering

June 19, 2015
Korean Adoptive Families in CT had its first meeting at North Haven's Ridge Top Club Sunday.

Korean Adoptive Families in CT had its first meeting at North Haven’s Ridge Top Club Sunday.

By The Korea Times New York staff

Korean Adoptive Families in CT, a Connecticut-based Facebook group of families that adopted Korean children, had its first meeting at Ridge Top Club in North Haven last Sunday.

The group, started by Susan Hafler about six months ago, has 44 members. About 10 families made it out to the gathering, which was organized by member Robin Masheb.

“Our goals are support, friendship, and learning about our children’s home culture,” the group’s description reads.

Families ate a Korean lunch consisting of bulgogi and japchae before enjoying an afternoon at an outdoor swimming pool.

They share a common experience in raising adopted children from South Korea, many sending kids to Korean language schools and educating themselves about Korean culture through Internet communities and books.

Masheb said her child, Eli, is an American but that she hopes he does not forget his Korean roots. She attends a Korean language school with Eli every weekend to learn more about Korea.

The group hopes to continue holding meetings.