3-D printers for surgeons

February 9, 2015

st0209-03A recent, innovative technological device has arisen that has the possibility of changing the medical world, as we know it. The 3-D Printer is able to print out any 3-D object that is brainstormed into the compatible software feature, into a real life 3-D object.

Decades ago, these types of instruments and innovations were depicted in sci-fi novels and films, but today, the reality of theory to actualization is possible.

While 3-D printers have generally been used for creative purposes, involving art and other activities, recently, it has been used in the medical field, especially by surgeons.

Surgeons are able to print a body part for a specific individual before an operation to practice on it first or study the bone structure to find a more efficient method. Not only that, they are able to examine someone’s internal organs and print out aunique splint that can help people’s organs or lungs from collapsing.

For example, recently, a child name Violet had a disorder called the Tessier Facial Cleft, in which her range of vision is more like a bird than that of a human. The surgery would be arduous and intricate. In addition, the surgeon only has one chance to perform the operation correctly, so to prepare for the operation, he printed several models of Violet’s head and practiced on it.

He tried out different methods and angles until he got the perfect model that would fix Violet’s rare disorder. In the end, the operation was a success and was not as difficult because of the 3-D printer. The surgeon had already practiced before so when the real operation came by, he was more than prepared for the journey ahead.

One day, it may save more lives, just like it saved Violets’.


st0209-03-1 Daniel Woo
Whitney High School 10th Grade

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