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Winston Churchill: The Man Who Captured the World’s Heart

September 11, 2017

by Jordan Dongwon Lee Beverly Hills High School 11th Grad

Winston Churchill was regarded as one of the most influential man of the 20th century. He spoke with boldness, fought with courage, and stood with confidence. His ability to have been the solace the world needed was not only impressive but incredibly brave. Winston Churchill calls for action against the Germans on the 16th of October. Strengthened by his tone of voice, Churchill speaks to the American and British citizens to rally them up for a common cause: fighting the Nazis. The words he uses, the tone of voice he claims, and the passionate heart he utilizes, gives Churchill the strength he needs to build a strong argument.
Churchill tells the world that freedom is in peril. Freedom and democracy, a common characteristic of the two English-speaking nations, links the two nations together. This creates a mutual feeling of patriotism and the need to act. Churchill proclaims that together, they can fight the Nazis and reestablish order and peace. Churchill uses pathos to capture the hearts of listeners. He says that passionate citizens must come together to cause change. He greets the Americans as friends, instilling a tone of mutual trust. His ability to connect the American people is important in building a strong following for the war effort.

Winston Churchill speaks of an issue that could change the course of history. His use of persuasive words in his radio highlights the need to act. Churchill believes that the “evils of tyranny” will see its downfall for the God given rights of freedom. W. Churchill speaks with such passion for freedom while looking down upon the tyrannical philosophy of the Nazi Party. He glorifies freedom and demonizes tyranny to display a form of God vs Satan. His references Christianity allows Churchill to personify the Western beliefs as a holy figure and the Nazi Party’s beliefs as a demonic figure. His oration captivates the American people and strengthens the will to protect freedom.

Churchill’s passionate heart speaks its beliefs in the radio broadcast on October 16, 1938. He calls upon the American people to aid in the fight against injustice. He says that freedom and democracy emanates wherever the free nations challenge tyranny. W. Churchill wishes to “clear the path of progress and banish from all our lives the fear which already darkens the sunlight to hundreds of millions of men”. His speech is the catalyst for solving the issues seen in the early 20th century Europe. Churchill’s battles on the front lines during WWI and on home soil during WWII allowed him to become one of the greatest leaders of his time. Without a doubt, Winston Churchill had been the inspiration and driving force for the fight against Nazi Germany and its fatalistic beliefs.


  1. Randy Otto

    September 12, 2017 at 12:37 PM

    Winston Churchill told the truth
    The British people believed him
    An unbroken bond of trust was formed
    And then he gave credit to others…”I have never accepted what many people have kindly said, namely that I inspired the Nation. It was the nation and the race dwelling around the globe that had the lion’s heart. I had the luck to be called upon to give the roar”

  2. John Olsen

    September 15, 2017 at 4:08 PM

    Jordan, your points are right on the mark. Well done. We’d like to give you a complimentary year’s membership in the International Churchill Society. Get in touch if you’re interested

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