[USA Today] Made in North Korea: $300 ski jackets and more

February 26, 2016


North Korean-made shoes on display (Yonhap)

North Korean-made shoes on display (Yonhap)

[USA TODAY] — Made in China? Don’t count on it.

Australian sportswear brand Rip Curl made a public apology this week after it emerged that some of its ski gear had been made in one of North Korea’s state-owned factories — some of the world’s worst places to work, whose profits help prop up one of its most abusive regimes.

The leisurewear, destined to insulate snowboarding Westerners for $300-plus a pop, was labeled “Made in China” before it made its way to retailers.

The ruse came to light when North Korean tour guides showed a group of tourists around the factory in question, Taedonggang Clothing Factory near Pyongyang. One visitor covertly photographed the faked labels and passed the evidence on to Australia’s Fairfax Media. [READ MORE]


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