Two foreigners sought for graffiti on trains

May 26, 2015


By Lee Kyung-min

The Ministry of Justice is seeking Interpol’s help to find two graffiti artists ― a Greek, 24, and a German, 29 ― who left the country after allegedly spraying the word “BLiND” on several trains in Incheon and Daegu about two weeks ago.

According to the Daegu Suseong Police Station, the two, whose names were withheld, will face charges of destroying public property and trespassing. The crimes carry a prison term of one to 10 years.

Police said the two entered the country on May 7 through Incheon International Airport, and rented a car to shop at an art store near Hongik University.

They bought cans of pink, black and green paint, and then travelled to Daegu and Incheon to paint the words on the windshields and sides of trains parked at subway stations.

The suspects stayed in Incheon on May 8 and in Daegu on May 10.

On May 10, they went separate ways at Incheon International Airport, leaving behind the rented vehicle.

“The two suspects are believed to have entered the country with intent to commit offences of spraying graffiti on public property,” a police officer said.

Police have issued arrest warrants against the two based on surveillance footage showing them sneaking into underground tunnels where the trains were parked.

The German allegedly committed a similar offense in March 12 at a subway station in Nonhyeon-dong, southern Seoul, on March 12, according to police.