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Transformed Nanoparticle Usage

February 8, 2016
By Daniel Hong  Webb School  11th grade

By Daniel Hong
Webb School
11th grade

Metals have been on earth since the beginning of time. Mankind has harnessed their use and power throughout the centuries, and now they are used as the core foundation in many societies today.

Everything we see today must be accredited to the metals (quick transportation, faster travel, easy, long-distance communication, and etc.). However, although people have made great strides and improvements in science and technology with metals, are we actually using the full potential of our burnished friend?

A group of researchers have discovered a method to efficiently enhance all the strengths of a metal all the while maintaining its flexible and plastic quality. Researchers from UCLA have found a new method of adding nanoparticle sodium carbide to the non-dense, weak magnesium metal to form a new, transformed metal that is hard as, if not harder, than steel and can withstand extremely high temperatures, higher than most metals.

There is actually an unlimited number of scientific and technological advances people are able to make with this enhanced metal. Every vehicle would be much lighter than those made with most other metals, but many times more durable and efficient. This enhancement can also improve the smaller aspects of life.

Vehicles are used to make people’s transportation lives easier. However, increasing gas prices remain unfavorable and fossil fuels keep damaging the environment.

However, this metal enhancement can make fuel efficiency exponentially greater. Aluminum makes up almost 10 percent of current vehicles’ weight, and although aluminum is overall very useful and light, the new, enhanced metal is not only even more useful but also much lighter. Even though it seems like a small amount, cutting down that 10 percent can make a significant impact.

Cars already lose most of its chemical potential energy by transferring it into energy for moving, but cutting down the weight makes saving gas much easier. This aspect also applies to other modes of transportation such as airplanes and rockets. Additionally, although there is no way to not use fossil fuel, the better fuel efficiency can alleviate and slow down the environmental damage.

Moreover, with the use of this newly enhanced metal, no longer would people have to concern themselves with dropping and damaging their mobile devices because this durable metal combination can minimize damage much more drastically than previous models. This enhancement can also improve an aspect of mobile devices some people tend to complain about: the weight.

Although people are fine with the weight of their cell phones, some people can use this enhancement on a more practical level. The wide-ranging uses of this transformed metal underscore its high potential for the future.

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