Three-lows in recipes Namul bibimbap

November 29, 2013
Courtesy of And Books

Courtesy of And Books

Ingredients (to serve four people)

You will need one and a half handfuls of spinach, one and a half handfuls of “kongnamul,” or bean sprouts, one third of a carrot, half a squash, and four bowls of rice. Optionally, you will need two sheets of dried seaweed.

For seasoning, you will need 0.4 tablespoons of salt, 0.3 tablespoons of “gukganjang,” or Korean traditional soy sauce, 0.2 spoonfuls of crushed garlic, a spoonful of perilla seed oil, and some black pepper. For sauce, you will need two spoonfuls of soy sauce, half a tablespoon of sesame, and two spoonfuls of sesame oil.

Step by step


1. Parboil spinach in boiling water with 0.2 tablespoons of salt. Rinse with cold water and season with the gukganjang and crushed garlic.

2. Boil bean sprouts with 0.2 tablespoons of salt for five minutes with lid closed. Leave them to drain in a sieve.

3. Cut carrots and squash into semicircles.

4. Toast the dried seaweed in a pan, and then put it into a plastic bag and crush it into small pieces.

5. Grease the pan with a spoonful of perilla seed oil and stir-fry squash and carrots. Add black pepper while stir-frying them.

6. Put the squash, carrot, spinach, bean sprouts and crushed laver on the rice. Serve with sauce.

This is an excerpt from “Samjeo-Babsang,” or three-lows to observe in recipes, by Prof. Lim Do-sun at Korea University Anam Hospital, published by And Books. The “three-lows” refers to low sodium, low calories and low fat.