There Is Hope For North Korea

April 13, 2015

st0413-03In the past year, the United States continued to insist that North Korea is responsible for the hacking of Sony’s computers by releasing confidential information because Kim Jong-un retaliated against Sony’s new film, “The Interview”, starring Seth Rogen and James Franco.

In “The Interview”, Rogen and Franco run a celebrity tabloid show called “Skylark Tonight”, where they land an interview with a surprise fan, Kim Jong-un. Conflicts arise when they are recruited by the CIA to turn their interview in Pyongyang into an assassination mission.

The Supreme Leader previously threatened to bomb the theatres that showed the controversial film. However, the isolated country continues to deny the hacking and blames the United States for a recent apparent attack on its own computer systems.

The film received mixed reviews from Americans and even North Korean defectors.

Fortunately, “The Interview” includes several enlightening parts. There is a scene where Kim is brought to tears during his Skylark interview, and is revealed as human and flawed. Ultimately, this breaks the godly myth of the young dictator drilled in the North Korean people’s minds.

Also, the film includes empowering words by a fictional North Korean propagandist who strongly believes that the people need to be shown that Kim Jong-un is not a god, only human. When Franco challenges her, she questions him, “How many times can the U.S. make the same mistake?”

I agree. Killing the dictator will not fix the root of the cause, because there will only be another person to lead in his place.

The problem is the people.

Recently, Park Sang-hak, a Seoul-based North Korean defector and activist planned to release balloons carrying DVDS and USB memory sticks containing the film into the North later this month. He believes that North Korea will collapse if one million copies are sent.

Predictably, Kim Jong-un threatened to kill Mr. Park. But if his plan is successfully performed, then there is hope in North Korea. If the North Korean people learn that their Supreme Leader is no god at all, and that their nation is not the most affluent one on earth, than the people will demand change.

This uncontrolled mentality is just what the North Korean people need as well. It is possible that Seth Rogen’s film can spark a revolution within the world’s most secluded country. With the help of “The Interview”, there is hope for North Korea, and I hope to see that change in my lifetime.


st0413-03-1 Sorah Park
Westtown School 11th Grade

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