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The Ukraine Crisis

February 17, 2015

st0216-02On November 21, 2013, Ukraine’s president Viktor Yanukovich declared to abandon the trade agreement between the EU and Ukraine. What Ukraine’s president didn’t realize was that his actions would start a new revolution in Ukraine, or now called, the Ukraine Crisis.

Since then, many pivotal events in Ukraine’s history occurred that changed the world.

Just a few months after, skirmishes between pro-Eu anti-government citizens and state troops occurred frequently.

As tensions were beginning to be escalated quickly, everything fell under chaos on February 18, 2014 just about 3 months after the president’s actions.

The peaceful protesters decided to be violent at the nation’s capital, Kiev, on February 23, 2014. The citizens took over the government buildings, in which resulted in the flight of President Yanukovich. Now this boosted the morale of the all the citizens who wanted to have better relationships as a country with the EU, but in Eastern Ukraine, situations became worse.

Pro-Russian and anti-revolutionary activists took over Crimea, in which bordered Ukraine with Russia. After these terrorists took over the parliament building, the separatists forcefully declared independence from Ukraine. Shortly after on March 18, 2014, Russia declared the annexation of Crimea from Ukraine.

This tragic event is known as the Crimean Crisis.

As many people believe that situations couldn’t get any worse, it did as a matter of fact, the situations became the worst event of Ukrainian history. In the cities of Donetsk and Luhansk, or commonly known as Donbass altogether, the pro-Russian activists officially declared war on the Ukrainian government. Even to this day, conflicts occur in Donbass every day in which some are reported and some not.

Many western countries have tried to support Ukraine financially and are working in some various ways. Meanwhile for Russia, many countries are imposing economic sanctions on Russia, which caused a massive decline in the country’s economic status.
Currently, it seems to the world that there are no possible solutions to ending this dilemma.

However, if countries work together to help Ukraine achieve their goal financially and with other ways, this situation can be resolved. Right now though, we can only pray and hope for the best of Ukraine because no one knows when this problem will be finally solved.


st0216-02-1 Daniel Choi
Laguna Hills High school 9th Grade

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