The Apple Watch

April 1, 2015

st0330-02Apple released a new product called the Apple Watch in March. It’s an elegant and well-constructed device that has many features.

The concept of the watch isn’t necessarily considered new, as Samsung has released watches in the past.

The Apple Watchcurrently starts at $349, and can cost up to $17,000 for the 18k gold model. You can do many things with the Apple Watch, such as read emails and messages, use Siri, receive calls, check Facebook, as well as perform countless other tasks through its available features.

Essentially, it is like having a smartphone attached to your wrist.

You might be wondering, “Why would you waste your money on this device that has the same features as a smartphone?”

Well, some people buy it for the design of the watch, while others buy it for its features. Many people have different opinions about this watch, but a majority of the general market loves it.

Apple is changing the future by implanting more technology-based equipment.

Some people argue, however, that Apple is emphasizing fashion more than ever since the release of the Apple Watch. This argument started with the pre-release of the Apple Watch Edition.

Many people argued that the price of the gold watch was too intense for the average person.

Also, the last device Apple released was the iPad Mini, so the Apple community was waiting for a bigger and better release.

Because Apple has been racking up business and money, their way of creating new devices has changed. Moreover, the death of Steve Jobs slowed down the product innovation and the value of the company. The Apple Watch can be an advanced new device in the market, or it can be a substandard item.


st0330-02-1 Daniel Park
Cypress High School, 9th Grade

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