[Telegraph] Dior’s Seoul spirit

June 23, 2015
"The Dior Garden," one of the 10 themes presented at "Esprit Dior." (Courtesy of Dior)

“The Dior Garden,” one of the 10 themes presented at “Esprit Dior.” (Courtesy of Dior)

[TELEGRAPH] – Dongdaemun Design Plaza (or DDP as it is better known) is a futuristic pavilion in Seoul, recognisably designed by Zaha Hadid (in partnership with Samoo, a local design and engineering company). It’s having a busy month. Hot on the heels of Chanel’s Resort 2016 fashion show being held there, Dior chose it as the venue in which to premiere the third iteration of Dior Esprit, coinciding with the unveiling of the house’s new flagship (and first Korean stand-alone store) in the city’s very own Beverly Hills, Gangnam district.

Korea has been a rapidly growing market not just for Dior, but for all luxury houses and high end fashion in general. Indeed, several Korean luxury multi-brand boutiques are looking to compete on a global scale with the Colettes and Dover Street Markets of the world, with Boon the Shop being a prime example. Clearly, Korean women’s thirst for all things luxury is nowhere near being quenched yet. And apparently Korea’s biggest male pop stars don’t mind wearing bits from the women’s collections too, so it seems here the target audience expands in unexpected ways. [READ MORE]