Seoul Natl University to hold admissions event in L.A.

April 30, 2014

2 p.m. Sunday at Oxford Palace Hotel 

Admissions officers from Seoul University will hold a presentation for at Oxford Palace Hotel at 2 p.m. Sunday.

Designed for non-Korean citizens, the session will introduce the admission process to the university and provide a chance for one-on-one meetings with admissions advisers. Park Jae-hyun, director of admissions for the school, will be present.

The school seeks to attract gifted students from all over the world and will explain to attendees the special screening process for those individuals as well as regular admission, they said.

The special screening applies to students or students with parents who are citizens of non-Korean countries as well as Korean citizens who completed elementary through high school in a foreign country.

Admissions for the special screening are determined both by the student’s current admission status in an American university and by proper documentation.

Those seeking regular admissions must have at least graduated from high school.

The event will also be useful for students who want to take summer courses at the university. Seoul University’s summer program, ISI, is attended by about 500 people each year and is targeted toward high schoolers who have already accepted admission to a non-Korean university.

The summer program is open to both international students and Koreans living abroad.

Call (213) 435-1974 for more information.