S. Korean workers feel pressured to avoid vacations

April 21, 2015
(Courtesy of Tstory/Korea Times file)

(Courtesy of Tstory/Korea Times file)

Seven in 10 workers in Korea find it difficult to go on more than 10 days’ paid vacation a year, a survey shows.

Media Lab’s survey was based on answers from 1500 office workers aged 20 to 50.

More than half said they could not use all their paid vacation days because they worried about being seen as “senseless or disrespectful.”

Other reasons were that they feared work overload after taking a vacation, and the high cost of going on vacation, while others said they would “save vacation days for later.”

Some said they had “too much work,” and others said there was no one to take their place.

With Korea’s national Labor Day on Friday, May 1, 56.7 percent of respondents said they did not get a day off because their company did not give one.