Reasons to Cook

April 20, 2015

st0420-02Today, 72 percent of Americans in the United States are unable to cook a legitimate meal (Huffington Post). This means that only 28 percent of Americans can actually cook, which essentially conveys that 72 percent are not willing to actively nourish their bodies, are just too lazy to even do so, or do not know how to cook at all According to a recent article by CNN, there are several main reasons why people should cook their own meals.

Firstly, it is better to learn how to cook your own meal because it will lead to better decision-making regarding the food you eat. Picking and choosing your own food will allow you to know exactly what ingredients make up a meal, and eventually create a positive habit of decreasing the amount of processed foods you would normally eat. Not only will this cut down the number of calories one consumes, but also will reflect a healthier outlook, and therefore healthier eating habits.

According to a study conducted by the Public Health Nutrition journal, people who eat and cook meals at home for a week consume fewer calories than those who eat takeout throughout the week. Such research underscores the fact that one should avoid the “guessing game” of not entirely knowing what restaurants add to a meal.

Too often restaurants cater to satisfy the customer, which is ideal in more ways than one, but detrimental to the health of consumers if such satisfaction comes in the form of great taste that costs a wholesome, healthy meal.

Moreover, cooking is a great hands-on activity that people of all ages will be able to enjoy. Through such an engaging process of picking fresh ingredients, cutting vegetables, and pan-frying everything together right in the comfort of one’s own kitchen, relationships between friends and family can improve.

You can not only create food to your own liking, but also thoroughly enjoy the results of a wholesome home cooked meal with loved ones. Because you are your own judge of your food, there will be no need to pick out your least favorite vegetables or anything anymore!


st0420-02-1 Diane Kim
Troy High School 9th Grade

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