Program provides free violin lessons to disadvantaged children

July 15, 2014

A global non-profit organization, Love Violin, will begin a program to give free violin lessons to children in New York and New Jersey who cannot otherwise afford it.

Love Violin President Choi Hye-jung said the program, which provides free instruments to disadvantaged children and lessons by music-major volunteers from four-year university programs, will begin in September.

The program was started in 2006 and operates three branches – Kyungin, Kangwon, Kyungsang – in Korea, as well as one in Sydney and one in New York.

A free cello program was introduced in 2012, and a flute program in March last year.

Children selected for the program receive regular lessons and may continue from first to eigth grade. Instruments, strings and materials are all provided by the organization free of charge throughout enrollment but have to be given back when a child decides to leave the program.

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