[NY Times] Baseball brings Korean father, son together

April 2, 2015


(Courtesy of New York Times/Jun Cen)

(Courtesy of New York Times/Jun Cen)


WASHINGTON, N. J. — Football may be America’s most popular sport, but baseball is still where our hearts lie, especially this weekend when the season starts anew. Back in 1985, my own heart was firmly with the New York Mets. Most of my friends were Yankees fans, which was precisely why this immigrant teenager fell for the Mets: They needed my help. They won my loyalty when they lost the division to the St. Louis Cardinals that year, proving once again that misery loves company.

My father, on the other hand, did not care about baseball, and truth be told, I wasn’t entirely certain he cared about me. He’d left South Korea for America when I was a toddler, and seven years passed before my mother, my siblings and I followed him here. By ’85 our family had been reunited for four years, so I probably should have known him better. But I didn’t.