North Korean leader has so far executed 70 officials: Seoul

July 9, 2015


North Korean leader Kim Jong-un is executing officials at an unprecedented pace with the tally hovering around 70 according to South Korean officials.

Kim came into power in 2011 when his father passed away and has since ushered in a new era informally named the “reign of terror.”

The rate at which he is ordering these executions is far greater than any of his predecessors.

South Korean Foreign Minister Yun Byung-se compared Kim’s concerning tally on Thursday to his father’s 10 during the latter’s first few years as leader according to the Associated Press.

The country has a rather short history that can be traced back to 1948 and leadership has been kept carefully within the Kim family across three generations so far.

Each leader was known to have carried out executions on high level officials.

One of the most high profile victims of Kim’s grandfather Kim Il-sung was Pak Hon-yong who was killed in 1955 due to accusations of spying on behalf of the U.S.

It is believed that Kim Jong-un is using fear as a tactic to bolster his authority within North Korea’s borders, but how effective his strategy has been is yet to be determined.



  1. Kropotki

    July 9, 2015 at 8:53 PM

    Please give proof of 70, most executions we hear about are proven false.

    Also his purges have been against the old Songun military faction as he pushes a civilian focus and opens up the country, how is this bad exactly?

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