National Geographic’s Pristine Seas Project

January 12, 2015

st0112-03Recently written article by Bryan Howard presents and expects the National Geographic Pristine Seas Project to protect about seven hundred seventy thousand square miles of our ocean within the next five years.

After the first five years are successfully completed, the campaign plans to protect about ten percent of sea life by 2020.

Hoping to initialize the campaign, Bill Clinton and the neighboring country’s governments will start to protect the new stretches of islands throughout the Indian Ocean along with the central islands within the Pacific Ocean.

The much needed support and publicity for the Pristine Seas Project has caught the attention of the Waitt Foundation, the Leonardo DiCaprio Foundation, and many other well-known organizations.

New proposition may not appear to be a major accomplishment, however, it does display the gradual improvements that many people of power have become aware of. It took time, but the government has finally realized the change and taken the necessary steps required to help cure the most abundant supply on our planet.

Very little negative traits can dispute this campaign, yet many government officials decide to hold back against the support of this project.

According to Terry Garcia, overfishing, pollution, and climate changes have all become viable threats to our oceans. This is not a dramatization, rather it is fact supported by decades worth of data.

Even though we can neither directly implement physical change nor become majorly impactful citizens, we can publicize and bring this process to the public through awareness and propaganda. Not only do these three factors impact the ocean, but also they directly affect our health along with the excess of unnecessary conflict that is already occurring in our insufficient bodies.

Simply changing one small action can positively impact the ocean and create a genuine feedback loop that reciprocates change for our society. One person’s actions can lead to inspiration while the entire community’s actions lead to monumental change.


st0112-03-1 Steven Gi
Campbell High School 10th Grade


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