Mission “Love, Hope, Together”

January 27, 2014

Pastor David Bin Kim and his wife hope to bring together

people with similar experiences to solve family problems

Pastor David Bin Kim, left, and his wife are working to bring people with similar experiences together.

Pastor David Bin Kim, left, and his wife are working to bring people with similar experiences together.

Everyone has a painful story, and some experiences cut deeper. But, it’s not always easy to talk about it, or even find someone to talk to.

That’s where Pastor David Bin Kim’s ‘Love, Hope, Together ministry’ comes in. Pastor Kim (his Korean name his Kim Kwang Bin) created this network to bring people with similar experiences together, so they don’t feel alone, and to perhaps find the solution together.

“Upbringing of children is one of the biggest concerns of first generation Korean Americans, but sometimes parents have no idea what their children are up to. Korean families are not immune to drug problems, and when it happens, it’s difficult to know who to talk to,” said Pastor Kim.

And, there are many other sensitive issues such as domestic violence, marriage counseling, terminal illnesses, and so on, but too often Koreans would rather not talk about these problems, making them that much more difficult to find solutions for.

“Once they step outside the house, they pretend as if there’s nothing wrong, and it’s mostly because they have no one to talk to,” says Pastor Kim. “It’s understandable that they don’t want to get embarrassed, and this is when someone within Jesus Christ with similar experience can be very helpful. Someone who’s been there can better identify with the situation, and wholeheartedly pray and help.”

For that reason, Pastor Kim and his wife, Mrs. Kim Sang-bin, have been working hard to set up the sorely needed service network. “The reality is that it’s difficult to find someone to openly talk to,” said Kim. “I believe just listening solves half of the problems, and we are working to offer this service in all of Southern California.”

He also hopes that by making it easier for people to talk about their problems, they will gain better access to legal and social help.

“I hope for it to be a quiet process,” he said. “If you are hurt, you can ask for help, and we can all share the pain and pray. Family is the most basic form of church, and they should be allowed to quietly heal to become the foundation of their churches,” said Pastor Kim.

For more information, write to lovehopetogether@hotmail.com

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  1. sunnysidetong

    January 28, 2014 at 2:51 PM

    Please,god bless these tremendous works done by Pastor Mr.Kim…Everyone whoever believes in GOD or not,forward this article to our young and restless boys and girls to overcome their hard times…