Missing Korean teen talked about hating feminists and wanting to join ISIS on Twitter

January 20, 2015

(Yonhap) — The Twitter account has been confirmed by Seoul police to be that of a South Korean teenager who went missing recently on the Turkey-Syria border.

Seoul Metropolitan Police Agency’s international criminal investigative team confirmed the 18-year-old teen, surnamed “Kim” to be registered as “sunni mujahideen” on Twitter. The police said that Kim appeared to have exchanged tweets with Twitter users affiliated with the Islamic State (IS).

The whereabouts of the 18-year-old have been unknown since he arrived in Turkey on Jan. 10. A Turkish newspaper reported over the weekend that he had exchanged emails with IS members and crossed into Syria to join the terrorist organization.

A foreign ministry official said Tuesday that CTTV footage obtained by Turkish authorities shows Kim riding a cab with an unidentified man after meeting him in Kilis, a town on the Syria border, Yonhap News Agency reported.

Kim and the man got off near a refugee camp some 18 kilometers from Kilis.

Kim’s Twitter account shows that he frequently exchanged tweets with another Twitter user, “H. abode afriki,” referring to him as “brother,” and introducing himself as a person from Chechnya, Russia. He also expressed a hatred of feminists.

He expressed that he “wants to join ISIS” on Oct. 4 on Twitter, and later posted that that he is “ready to go to Turkey, but doesn’t know anyone,” on Oct. 9 last year, asking where he can meet “brothers.”