Metal Bending

April 1, 2015

st0330-03Metal or metallic objects are perceived as hard, durable, and inflexible, but recently, this notion has been challenged by the creation of a new liquid metal by scientists of Tsinghua University in China.

The scientists formed this liquid metal by mixing gallium, indium, tin and aluminum. At the start of this experimentation, the scientists sent electric currents through the mixture, and when the currents were abruptly stopped, the mixture formed into ball-shaped liquid metal drops.

These drops, which were created by chemical reactions among the different metals within the mixture, can propel themselves forward in water. During the experimentation, the scientists amazingly discovered that the metal liquid drops could not only change shape when necessary, such as when they need to fit through narrow areas in a premade pathway, but also retain it’s original shape after.

Despite these seemingly impossible, Terminator-like qualities, the truth is that this newfound mixture can revolutionize the medical field. For example, the liquid metal drop can become a new form of transporting medicines and cures through the human blood stream, which can make processes involving bodily diseases much easier to combat.

Such a discovery not only benefits the scientific community, but also provides new uses and techniques for countless otherfields. With its multifaceted qualities for high potential, liquid metal has great promise to benefit the overall population.


st0330-03-1 Joshua Hong
Webb School 11th Grade

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