Making A Difference : Volunteer at Covenant House Teen Shelter

January 19, 2016
By Kyung Min Lee Santa Monica High  10th Grade

By Kyung Min Lee
Santa Monica High
10th Grade

I have been volunteering for a total of 3 months so far. In just that time span, I have changed drastically in a very good way since then.

I was always interested in helping people in need get back on their feet. Starting from when I was little, I would always ask my mom if we can give a homeless people on the street some money so they can eat.

Although I always wanted to help people in need, I did not actively help until recently.

Volunteering for the Covenant House helped me become a proactive person. Instead of waiting for directions, I would step up and offer to help.

Whenever I help other people, it relieves me of my current stress and replaces it with happiness.

The homeless teens come from many backgrounds such as gangs, drugs, abuse, etc. That has helped me realize how thankful I am to have such wonderful parents supporting me at every barrier. My gratefulness motivates me to continue helping out.

Rarely did these teens have loving parents. It makes you sad to hear that they grew up with neglect. If you took a minute to think about how you would live without your parents, it will most likely be horrible.

Before I started volunteering I was not as grateful as I am today. I feel blessed to have such wonderful parents and a great life. That makes me want to spread the love among the teens that never received love.

My main purpose in volunteering at the Covenant House is to bring a smile upon every underprivileged teen out there and help them succeed in life. I believe that the privileged should all help out the ones that are less fortunate. You should put every effort into helping homeless teens get back on track. Everyone’s lives are equal. They should be able to have an equal chance of being successful as everyone else.

As I have started volunteering, I have grown very passionate about helping out. Covenant House always pops up in my mind whenever I see a homeless person.

Covenant House is the most prominent organization that helps homeless teens nationwide. Already they have helped more than 56,000 teens each year. I am already making a difference as I help out one by one in many ways through water bottle drives, book drives, fundraising, etc. This is why I am proud to volunteer at the Covenant House.



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