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Loving your children while loving your country

March 7, 2016
Jiho Kahng  Palos Verdes High  10th grade

Jiho Kahng
Palos Verdes High
10th grade

Korean mothers of Palos Verdes gathered in one heart and one mind to provide an official curriculum for Korean language class that will tailor to K-12 levels. Even though there were many unexpected obstacles in meeting funds and fighting district system’s pressure to meet deadlines, the parents were able to pull through without giving up.

Through the parents’ endless effort, the enrollment capacity has been filled and the funds has been graciously met. Finally, both Palos Verdes High School and Peninsula HIgh School in Palos Verdes Unified School District established their first official Korean language class starting last August.

Upon this opportunity, Korean parent advisory committee was formed. The members of PTA spread the awareness of Korean culture through passing out Korean foods and playing Korean songs to students in order to meet the number of students needed to open a class.

Throughout this process, an abundant number of students, including non-Korean students, chose to learn Korean language class. Even the parents of Korean students who did not enroll in Korean language class this year were inspired and moved to show love to their country and their children.

Also, the parents invited guest teachers to all South Bay, including Palos Verdes, Redondo and Torrance, and held parenting seminar for child education from Feb. 19, 2015 to Jan. 14, 2016, between 10 a.m. to 1 p.m.  By meeting every week for three hours, PTA members served other local parents and students by preparing homemade food and snacks to talk about children’s behavior, relationships, academics, college prep, and finance management.

Throughout this time, the Palos Verdes district’s website featured on its page a new web design displaying 6 different languages including Korean, which was approved as an official curriculum.

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