[LA Times] How a Lincoln High teacher gets all his students to pass the AP Calculus exam

February 10, 2016


(Courtesy of Los Angeles Times)

(Courtesy of Los Angeles Times)

[LOS ANGELES TIMES] — Yom, as the students call their Lincoln High calculus teacher, is at the blackboard with marker in hand.

He can’t be stopped.

Left to right he works, light on his feet, flicking out triangles, stacking towers of numbers, turning Room 754 into a gallery of cave art.

And here’s the really impressive part:

Every student is locked in. There’s no daydreaming or goofing.

Anthony Yom, 35, worked in virtual obscurity, as do virtually all good teachers, until the news last week that one of his magnet students was among only 12 in the world to slay the Advanced Placement Calculus exam with a perfect score.

“It’s not just about me,” student Cedrick Argueta told The Times’ Hailey Branson-Potts after being invited to the White House by President Obama. Argueta, 17, noted that all 21 of Yom’s AP Calculus students had passed the grueling test. And that was the third year in a row that Yom’s entire class cleared that hurdle. [READ MORE]