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Korean American heads immigration lawyers association DC chapter

October 21, 2015
Jackie Lee

Jackie Lee

Jackie Lee, 45, a Virginia attorney, was named president of the Washington, D.C., chapter of American Immigration Lawyers Association, the largest such non-profit in the country.

Lee, whose Korean name is Lee Jung-eun, will take the seat next May for one year. She previously served as liaison attorney and secretary.

Her chapter comprises about 1,000 members.

She said she is the first Korean American to head the organization.

After immigrating to the United States from South Korea at age 5, Lee went on to study law at the University of Virginia.

Her father, Lee Nae-won, is a local Korean American community leader who has headed Korean school associations.


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  3. Yun Hwang (sandy)

    December 12, 2016 at 8:28 AM

    Hey 我是Sandy住Virginia Beach 在2010年的時候 曾麻煩你和DC的Chris幫我們辨理身份事宜 我不知道妳是不是我要找的那位Jackie Lee 如果是請跟我聯繫 謝謝你