Korea has second-largest number of international students in U.S. high schools

July 9, 2014
Based on a IIE study up to Oct. 2010.

Based on a IIE study up to Oct. 2010.

Korea has the second-largest number of international students in U.S. high schools, according to a study.

The study, released by the International Institute of Education Tuesday, showed that 8,777 international students from Korea were enrolled in high shcools across America with an F- or J-visa.

Korean students made up 12 percent of the total number of international students, behind China’s 32.3 percent and just above Germany’s 9.8 percent.

According to the IIE, an additional 6,061 Korean international students were enrolled in U.S. elementary schools and 4,977 in middle schools.

Still, the Korean Educational Development Institute said the total number of students studying overseas has seen a decline since 2007, when international students numbered 27,668 compared with 18,118 in 2009 and 14,340 last year.


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