K-pop singer, manager catch hit-and-run driver

February 19, 2015
In Ho-jin (MUSIC&NEW)

In Ho-jin (MUSIC&NEW)

A K-pop singer and his manager chased down a drunk driver after witnessing a hit-and-run on a Seoul street Thursday, Yonhap reported.

Sweet Sorrow singer In Ho-jin, 39, and Kim Sung-hyun, his manager, saw a couple in their 50s get hit by a KIA Pride, driven by Kwon, 28, on a crosswalk at 12:37 a.m., according to Seoul Seocho police.

Kwon was going 50 km per hour, or about 31 miles per hour. He continued for about 700 meters after hitting the couple.

In and Kim, along with another agency employee, saw the incident inside a van across the street and turned to chase Kwon’s vehicle.

Kim blocked Kwon’s car at a red light and opened the door to take him out of the vehicle while In called the police.

In and Kim were taken in as witnesses as a part of police investigation until 2 a.m.

Kwon was found to have a blood alcohol content of 0.166 percent, police said.

The husband, also surnamed Kwon, had a head injury, while his wife suffered a serious leg injury.

Kwon told police he thought he hit a trash bag, not people, and said he had no intention of running away.

In said he was worried about the couple and told his manager to step on it.

“I’m glad we caught the guy, but I hope the victims find health soon,” In said.

In and Kim were on their way to record a film OST after filming an episode of MBC’s “I Am A Singer 3.”