How to prepare for not-so-little El Niño in 2016

January 4, 2016
Jiho Kahng  Palos Verdes High  10th grade

Jiho Kahng
Palos Verdes High
10th grade

The residents of the Los Angeles County must prepare and be ready for El Niño.

Translated as “the little boy” in Spanish, El Niño tends to come around Christmas time. El Niño occurs approximately every two to seven years. When the ocean water warms near the tropical equatorial Pacific Ocean, it is transported east and brings increased precipitation to California. This phenomenon can result in wetter weather, which proceeds in floods, landslides and coastal erosion.

The forecasters at National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration’s Climate Prediction Center are predicting a strong El Niño with a lot of precipitation this winter.

The County of Los Angeles needs to prepare for one of the strongest storm that is about to come. Be on a look out for details on weather conditions and flooded areas. Stay away from waterways and channels during storms, especially since rising floodwaters may be infected with chemicals and sewage disposals.

If your house is flooded, clean it immediately and use sandbags as preventive method. When you are outside, do not go near a downed power line; instead, call 911. If you are driving, look for road closures and try to drive away from the rising water.

When you make an emergency kit with your family, you must include enough supplies for at least 3 days. Here is what you need: water, canned or packaged food, first aid kit, medications, records and documents, and other important tools. Always pack extra batteries. Sit down with your families and make an emergency guideline with contact information.

Because Palos Verdes is on the west coast of California, it has a higher chance of heavier rainfall and flooding. Increased precipitation can lead to higher bacteria level in the ocean. Please restrain from snorkeling or surfing near the coast and prepare for the storm that is about to come in January.

Contact your neighbors and discuss about emergency prevention and protection plans. Remember, it’s better safe than sorry.

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