Geum Yi

Here come ‘Smart Chopsticks’ to detect bad food

September 5, 2014

Baidu’s CEO introduces ‘Smart chopsticks.” (Baidu photo)

China’s largest search engine Baidu has launched a product dubbed “smart chopsticks,” which can help people check the freshness of food, South China Morning Post reports.

The invention, known as “Kuaisou” in Chinese, can detect the freshness of cooking oil and measure the PH level, temperature and calories. The product, for instance, will display a “good” rating when swirled in olive oil, and a “bad” one after being plunged in recycled cooking oil.

Baidu announced the price for this product is yet to be decided, and that it is not ready for mass production. The search engine giant has been copying Google’s products, including Google Glass and driverless cars, but these smart chopsticks appear to be original.

Recently, China has gone through numerous scandals involving food safety. Last month, Shanghai Husi Food Co Ltd was heavily criticized for supplying expired meat to major fast food chains, such as KFC, McDonalds and Starbucks.