Happiness is a Can Half Empty

April 13, 2015

st0413-02Over the past century or so, psychologists have diligently observed what triggers the emotion of joy.

There are many creative theories that have surfaced such as freedom, a refreshing drink, or even a day off from school. People have searched for the mystery of real contentment.

But over these many years, mankind has been searching too hard for happiness.

Today, typical high school students put in effort to achieve their personal goals. Everyday, students take their own to time to study for that “A” on a test, to achieve 1,000 hours of community service, and to build their own interests. Achieving each of these goals is typical to most students because we know that it is what colleges look at so that it will help us get into those colleges.

Then, in college, we set the same goals along with social challenges so that society can be favorable towards us. From there on, we are ultimately able to do what we love. Happiness cannot only be achieved by striving towards a goal, but also through the joy of others.

Felicity can also unexpectedly be obtained by helping others. By assisting others through acts of kindness, a person gains happiness. Rather than looking to accomplish individual bliss, when happiness is brought to people, it is involuntarily established.

There is a perpetual cycle of people who continue to give: happy people give more, which results in both the happiness of the receivers and the givers in a mutual manner.

I take personal joy in helping those who live in underprivileged communities. I go on yearly trips to third world countries to help the citizens who are in need of medical aid. To me, providing medical supplies to ailing people brings me genuine joy-an almost inexplicable joy that surpasses all other pursuits of happiness.

Happiness is best achieved by pursuing a goal and helping others. The rate of happiness has barely changed in recent years because many assume that joy is attained by individual efforts.

However, genuine joy is not limited to materialistic, individualized aspirations; rather, the true pursuit of happiness merely requires one to reach out to others and strive toward accomplishing goals together.


st0413-02-1 Erica Choi
West Ranch High school 10th Grade

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