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Hackers demand Sony cancel release of ‘The Interview’

December 9, 2014
"The Interview" poster.

“The Interview” poster.

A group claiming to have hacked Sony Pictures demanded Monday that the company cancel the upcoming release of the movie, “The Interview.”

Calling itself the Guardians of Peace (GOP), the group posted a statement on the website GitHub, saying it was working to send a “message to Sony.”

The film, a comedy that portrays a plot to assassinate North Korean leader Kim Jong-un, has been harshly criticized by Pyongyang. The North has denied speculation that it was behind the hack, but called the act a “righteous deed.”

“Stop immediately showing the movie of terrorism which can break the regional peace and cause the war,” the statement said. “The destiny of Sony is totally up to the wise reaction and measure of Sony.”

A collection of links to download the private data of two Sony executives was included in the post.

North Korea’s state media had previously called this movie “a film abetting a terrorist act while hurting the dignity of the supreme leadership of the DPRK by taking advantage of the hostile policy of the US administration towards the DPRK.” DPRK is the official acronym for North Korea.

The Interview, starring James Fanco and Seth Rogen, is set to be released on Christmas Day.


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