Four Korean women sentenced in Georgia massage parlor prostitution

July 18, 2014

Four Korean women received court sentences Tuesday for their participation in a brothel disguised as a massage parlor in Macon, Georgia.

The business, opened by 51-year-old Chae Hyeon-joo in 2008 as Soft Hands Massage & Spa, was renamed to Sedona Tanning Salon in 2010, the Telegraph Macon reported.

Chae, who arrived in the United States legally when she was 35 years old, was sentenced to three years in federal prison, as well as three years on probation, on charges of prostitution.

Others charged were Kye Wol Dyreson, 72, the “house mother” of the operation who faces three years on probation; Jin Noh, 51, who worked at the parlor for five days and who received a one-year probation; and Ki Un Jordan, 50, who was sentenced to three years on probation.

All pleaded guilty to charges.

According to plea agreements, none of the employees carried massage licenses. They charged $40 to $100 to perform sexual acts, while Chae took $40 to $60 for every customer as a “house fee.”

Prostitutes paid Chae a weekly fee and Dyreson, the manager, a daily tip. Noh worked 9 a.m. to midnight and served five to eight men a day.

An undercover officer went in to the parlor in Dec. of 2012, where Noh offered to perform a sexual act with him for $120.

In June, seven Korean women in South Carolina were arrested on charges of participating in prostitution businesses disguised as massage parlors.


  1. Ryan Page

    July 18, 2014 at 11:40 AM

    This really isn’t surprising at all. There’s a big Korean population in Georgia and sites like Rub Maps just increase the growth of these parlors. It’s literally the Yelp of massage parlors if you think about it.

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