First Korean Indie band concert in LA

January 17, 2014
Korean acoustic folk indie band “10 cm” will perform in Los Angeles, Jan. 31. (Korea Times file)

They named themselves 10cm, because Yoon, right, is that much taller than Kwon. (Korea Times file)

Acoustic Duo 10cm on Jan. 31 @ Club Nokia 

America has Nine Inch Nails, and Korea has 10cm.

The Korean acoustic folk indie band 10cm will hold a solo concert in Los Angeles on Jan. 31. It will be the first concert hosted by a Korean indie band in the world’s biggest music market.

The venue is Club Nokia.

Making their debut in 2010, the duo act ㅡ vocalist Kwon Jung-yeol and guitarist Yoon Cheol-jong ㅡ had a meteoric rise to fame with several hit songs including “Tonight I’m Afraid of the Dark,” “Give a Hug” and “Fine Thank You and You?”

Its debut album sold over 20,000 copies which Korean music critics described as “remarkable” considering radically reduced spending on music albums due to YouTube.

10cm won “This Year’s Discovery Award” at the 2010 Mnet Asian Music Awards, and “Best Pop Song Award” at the 2011 Korean Music Awards.